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BVIMSR’s Journal of Management Research (BJMR)

ISSN: 0976 - 4739

BVIMSR’s Journal of Management Research (BJMR) is an International journal, which aims at publishing high quality research findings in various disciplines of business management. There is a constant need for innovation in Management thinking to come up with appropriate solutions to the current business problems. BJMR invites research papers, articles, case studies, book reviews & comments from the world of management. We invite both academicians & practitioners to come forward with their thoughts in the form of research papers or articles. BJMR welcomes and honours devoted understanding of issues in the management of global enterprises, management theory & practice and providing theoretical and management implications useful for further development of the research.

BJMR is a Bi-annual publication of accepted papers and articles. It will be available in the printed form. Electronic submissions (MS-Word) of research paper including articles, case studies, and book review in all areas of business management are invited. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by email.

All papers will be subjected to a blind review process constituted by experts from institutions in and outside India.

Contents: The journal will contain

 Research Papers


 Case Studies

 Book Reviews

 Summary of reports on various management concepts and practic

In addition the journal invites manuscripts covering application of theory to real life management activities where the findings would be of interest to researchers, executives, academicians and management students.

Subjects: The journal will include articles and papers with in the areas of



 Human Resource Management

 Operations Management

 International Business

 Information Technology

 Quantitative Techniques

 General Management