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BVIMSR’s Journal of Management Research (BJMR)

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No fee is charged from the authors for publication of articles / research papers in our Journal.

Undertaking by Authors

Authors must give an undertaking that the work submitted by them is their original work and that it has neither been published nor sent for publication elsewhere. The views expressed in the journal by the authors are of their own and not of the editors nor of the publisher. Authors must be honest in presenting the results and conclusions of their research.


The Journal uses Viper plagiarism software for identifying plagiarism. Reproduction of text from other papers without properly crediting the source (plagiarism) or producing many papers with almost the same content by the same authors (self-plagiarism) is not acceptable. Submitting the same results to more than one journal concurrently is unethical. Exceptions are the review articles. Authors may not present results obtained by others as if they were their own. Authors should acknowledge the work of others used in their research and cite publications that have influenced the direction and course of their study.

Review of Papers

The papers are reviewed by double blind procedure with the help of experts from Teaching and Research Institutes and Industry.

Dissemination- CC (Creative Common) License

BVIMSR’s Journal of Management Research uses CCBY-ND license for dissemination of contents. This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial as long it is passed along unchanged and in whole with credit to us.


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