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Students' Council

BVIMSR Navi Mumbai prides itself on being a student-driven institute. Students at BVIMSR Navi Mumbai are entrusted with resources and responsibilities early on. They are encouraged to take important administrative and policy decisions that sculpt their future and also that of the institute.

The Students' Council at BVIMSR Navi Mumbai is the student body responsible and accountable for all activities on the campus throughout the year. The teams comprise of students from the first and second year and are led by coordinators.

The teams serve the interest of BVIMSR Navi Mumbai , the students, the industry and the alumni in keeping with the vision of the institute. The body has been granted the freedom to fix independent goals for their respective teams and to use budgeted resources to accomplish the same under the guidance and support of the Director and the Faculty Chairperson.

The six teams in the Students' Council bring together inspiration, information, aspiration, innovation and enthusiasm. Working together and for each other is a concept implemented ad infinitum at BVIMSR Navi Mumbai . The Students' Council prides itself on consistently setting new standards of excellence for others to emulate.

Student's Council consists of the following teams:

  Alumni Team

  Corporate Interface Team

  Co Curricular Team

  Placement Advisory Team

  Social Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell

  Sports Management Team

Alumni Team

Our Vision is to nurture an alumni community where each and every member feels connected with the alma mater and with each member of the BVIMSR family.

Our Objectives include:

  Ensuring that the alumni community is well connected

  Ensuring that our alumni feel a sense of belonging to the alma mater

  Establishing and sustaining a link between the alumni and the current students

  Creating a culture of participation so that students outside the team can also contribute to its objectives

Activities National Alumni Meet

Indeed the biggest event in the history of BVIMSR Navi Mumbai, wherein alumni from all over India are invited to the campus in an attempt to help them reconnect to their alma mater. Yadieen held in 2014 witnessed 400+ alumni and left behind everlasting memories in the minds of all attendees.

Alumni Database

The Alumni Team maintains a database with the contact details, professional details and other relevant details of the entire alumni base of BVIMSR Navi Mumbai. The team undertakes the sole responsibility for keeping the contact details of the entire alumni base updated. This database is critical for the success of the events conducted by the Alumni team.

Corporate Interface Team

Known as Known as CIT on campus, the Corporate Interface Team plays an integral role in the life of a student at BVIMSR Navi Mumbai. As it is a student-driven institute, the responsibility of providing additional knowledge to complement academic learning here lies with the Students' Council. Within the Council, these activities are orchestrated by the Corporate Interface Team.CIT on campus, the Corporate Interface Team plays an integral role in the life of a student at BVIMSR Navi Mumbai. As it is a student-driven institute, the responsibility of providing additional knowledge to complement academic learning here lies with the Students' Council. Within the Council, these activities are orchestrated by the Corporate Interface Team.

The team strives to augment the industry-knowledge of students and provide them with vital insights into the business world through guest lectures, seminars, conclaves, case-study competitions and other corporate activities throughout the year. It also endeavours to keep students abreast with the latest management trends and changes in the industry. CIT believes excellence can be achieved through progress and innovation. It is with this belief that the team constantly tries to evolve by taking new initiatives and finding newer ways to add value to the life of a student at BVIMSR Navi Mumbai.

Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures are a platform for students to get an understanding of current industry trends and practices. Representatives from various organizations, some of the best in India Inc. from across sectors, visit the campus and address the students.

The Corporate share their views on upcoming trends in the industry with budding managers and get their unbiased feedback. It is also an opportunity for the students to learn about the best practices in the industry and enrich their knowledge base. Guest Lectures are of 1 to 2 hours duration, and are usually followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Conclaves & Symposiums

CIT organises various conclaves to provide students with insightful opportunities to gain perspective into the corporate world, as well as keep them abreast with the trends in the industry. These symposia host the most eminent representatives across organisations, and span across topics ranging from Logistics & Supply Chain Manageemnt ,Brand Loyalty , HR practices and operational situation, to the latest developments in Finance and Marketing today.

Case Studies

Experience is the best teacher - and the case method packs more experience into every hour of learning than any other instructional approach.

At BVIMSR , we firmly believe that the finest way for a management student to test his/her potential to deal with the corporate world is by dealing with situations that require him/her to make critical strategic decisions for the organisation. This is precisely what the Case Study Method propagates. In case discussions, students are introduced to the reality of decision making - including incomplete information, time constraints, and conflicting goals - giving them first-hand experience in analyzing business situations.

Case Studies stimulate students' thinking, challenge their capabilities and prepare them for future managerial decision-making. This teaching methodology encourages students to think of various ways of handling complex issues, and helps them learn the nuances of decision-making in business and the challenges that managers face every day at work.

Co Curricular Team

The team’s objective is to assist students to achieve holistic growth. It endeavors to add more value to students’ life and give them an opportunity to express themselves. It also helps bridge the gap between BVIMSR's and other B-schools across the country acting as an interface.

The team constantly strives to bring out the hidden potential of the students and give them an enriching experience with its numerous initiatives, which include Shikhar – The Intra - College Festival .

The Co Curricular Team believes in celebrating every occasion. It is the lifeline for the students when it comes to organizing the freshers’ and farewell parties. The exotic parties hosted by the team keep life at BVIMSR and its students full of excitement and vigour to achieve and reach the zenith of success.

Placement Advisory Team

The Placement Advisory Team, popularly known as PAT on campus, aims at providing the best job opportunities thus enabling every student realize his dream.

The team is committed to the task of securing Final Placements and Summer Internships for the students. The Placement Advisory Team has consistently set very high standards for itself and has been successful in beating them time and again. The placement records of BVIMSR are testament to the efforts that PAT puts in year after year.

Social Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell

Social Entrepreneurship & Consulting Cell is a student group at Bharati Vidaypeeth's Institute of Manageemnt Studies & Research under the purview of the Students' Council that carries out projects in the rural sector and acts as a consultant for start up ventures. Along with our social initiatives, SECC carries out projects which are not just socially relevant, but also self sustainable. SECC provides excellent opportunity to students to set up businesses right from the product development stage up to the scale up, creating a positive impact at the bottom of the pyramid all along the way.

Sports Management Team

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”- is a maxim more relevant today than ever. In this increasingly stressful and cut-throat world, the one thing that helps people relax and bond together is sports. It also nurtures social interaction, builds team spirit & refines decision making skills which are the essence of management. On-field aggression and command also helps bring out the leadership potential in the participants.

The objective of the Sports Team at BVIMSR,Navi Mumbai is to inculcate team spirit, bring out leadership potential & encourage students to participate in sports in order to harness a healthy mind in a healthy body. The team organizes various sporting events round the year.